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Featured Case Studies

UNC Health


Learn how UNC Health reduced their nurse turnover rate by 20% and saved $5.4 million annually

North Mississippi Health Services


Read how North Mississippi Health Services’ frontline managers use AI to reduce turnover

Boston Medical Center


Discover how Boston Medical Center attains Magnet designation with a boost from technology 

“Laudio goes beyond just simplifying managerial responsibilities; it significantly enhances employee retention and reduces turnover. By investing in this innovative tool, we are investing in our managers and their well-being.”

Michael Vaccaro
DNP, Chief Nursing Officer, Charlotte Region, Novant Health

“Laudio allowed us to leapfrog over data hurdles within our organization with an easy-to-use portal backed by data science. It’s not an HR tool, it’s a system tool that will help us retain and engage managers and employees.”

Kim Warner
VP of HR, North Mississippi Health Services

“Laudio helps to identify and visually communicate mobility opportunities so our leaders understand the breadth and depth of the internal talent community.”

Tanya Content
System VP, Talent, UNC Health

“As leaders we want to spend time with our employees in the most meaningful ways. Laudio helps nudge me to focus on staff interactions that will directly relate to retention.”

Rebecca Hayes
Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Boston Medical Center

“Laudio is my secret weapon to help increase engagement. It’s integrated with our timekeeping system, scheduling, and HR system. It talks to all of the platforms I need to use.”

Kelly Sutton
Nurse Manager, UNC Health