Security at Laudio

Security is one of our biggest priorities here at Laudio. On this page we have provided information about the security of your data, our general security practices, and how you can reach a member of the security team if you have questions that haven’t been answered below.

Security Program Highlights

Data Security

Laudio encrypts data at rest and in transit for all of our customers. We use tools like Amazon Web Service’s Key Management System (KMS) to manage encryption keys using hardware security modules for maximum security in line with industry best practices.

Application Security

Laudio regularly engages some of the industry’s best application security experts for third-party penetration tests. Our penetration testers evaluate the source code, running application, and the deployed environment.

Laudio also uses high-quality static analysis tooling to secure our product at every step of the development process. Laudio audits changes to the application throughout the development lifecycle: architecture reviews, as well as stringent code review processes are regularly performed.

Infrastructure Security

Laudio uses Amazon Web Services to host our application. Laudio continuously monitors application servers, infrastructure, and the Laudio network environment to detect potential abuse.

Laudio uses Vanta to monitor our security and compliance on a real time basis. You can view our trust report here:


Laudio has a SOC2 type II, a Tx-RAMP Level 2 certification, and has cleared an independent HIPAA audit. Please request any of the documentation via

General Security Questions

If you have general security questions or concerns, please email us at