Learn how Laudio helps leaders connect and collaborate

Our platform brings health system leaders together, helping cascade important objectives into daily frontline work and enhance system-wide visibility.



Operationalize world-class engagement and retention strategies.



  • Actionable workforce insights
  • Employee voice initiative support
  • AI-supported employee engagement

For CNOs

Give frontline leaders a single platform to streamline their days and help them accomplish more of what matters.



  • One central hub to manage large teams
  • Automated workflows to boost efficiency
  • Proactive burnout prevention 

For COOs

Connect C-suite objectives with frontline actions and standardize management best practices.



  • AI-driven efficiency across departments
  • Enhanced employee and patient experience
  • Simplified safety and quality audits

For CFOs

Automate leader workflows, expand management capacity, and retain frontline staff.



  • Widespread automation of key workflows
  • Single solution in place of siloed systems
  • Improved labor productivity and retention

For Frontline Leaders

Streamline core work and capture meaningful interaction opportunities – with employees and patients – more easily.



  • Simplified workflows and automated processes
  • Time-saving intelligent prioritization
  • Scalable, personalized engagement

Hear from Laudio clients

20% reduction in nurse turnover rate and $5.4 million in savings annually

“Feeling valued improves teammate satisfaction and loyalty, and regular recognition, acknowledgment, and appreciation are linchpins of an attractive organizational culture.”

Tanya Content
UNC Health, System Vice President, Talent

3% Improvement in RN Retention and $1.5M saved in only 9 months

"We now have a tool to help leaders do those important things like recognition and appreciation well."

Sondra Davis
North Mississippi Health Services, Chief Human Resources Officer

Incorporating technology to enhance administrative productivity, provide meaningful recognition, and reduce attrition

"The AI and automation deliver insights from other [core] solutions, so it's easy to make decisions and take action."

Rebecca Hayes
Boston Medical Center, Associate Chief Nursing Officer

Take the next step in driving change from the frontline