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Laudio is an intelligent platform that prioritizes and automates the highest impact responsibilities of frontline leaders, creating large-scale change in health systems.

Kaleida Health
Tufts Medical Center
Memorial Hermann
UNC Health
UCI Health
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One connected platform for frontline leaders 

Laudio integrates essential workflows for leaders, saving time and standardizing best practices.

Maximize the impact
of every leader

Save hours of administrative work for frontline leaders

By bringing automation to rounding, audits, accountability, and more, Laudio helps leaders focus on intentional interactions that add up to system-wide wins. 

Unlock impactful employee engagement moments

Using AI, the Laudio platform filters through the noise to identify and recommend the highest impact leader actions – actions proven to move the needle on employee engagement and retention.

Make it easier to keep a pulse on patient experience

Laudio’s integrated leader patient rounding system makes it simple for leaders to plan and track rounding progress, facilitating proactive patient engagement and quick intervention when needed. 

See how Laudio connects C-suite strategies to frontline actions

Our platform makes it simple to cascade important objectives into daily frontline work, building visibility between leaders.




Operationalize world-class engagement and retention strategies



Give leaders one platform to lead their teams efficiently



Standardize management best practices on every team



Automate work and expand management capacity

Frontline Leaders


Streamline daily work and gain time for meaningful interactions 

Improve labor capacity in every department


ER & Transport

One-click staff messaging and in-app patient geolocation boost efficiency on fast-paced teams.



System-generated flags identify high-turnover-risk employees, enabling leaders to intervene early.



Rich data visuals deliver a quick view of patient satisfaction, even in clinical settings outside of hospital walls.


Float Pool

Laudio’s integrated platform streamlines employee attendance, feedback, rounding, and more.


Environmental Svcs.

Built-in quality and safety audits help your system find and fix individual and systemic cleanliness issues.


Food Services

Smart rounding questions help leaders enhance every experience, including meal quality and delivery.

Hear from Laudio clients

20% reduction in nurse turnover rate and $5.4 million in savings annually

“Feeling valued improves teammate satisfaction and loyalty, and regular recognition, acknowledgment, and appreciation are linchpins of an attractive organizational culture.”

Tanya Content
UNC Health, System Vice President, Talent

3% Improvement in RN Retention and $1.5M saved in only 9 months

"We now have a tool to help leaders do those important things like recognition and appreciation well."

Sondra Davis
North Mississippi Health Services, Chief Human Resources Officer

Incorporating technology to enhance administrative productivity, provide meaningful recognition, and reduce attrition

"The AI and automation deliver insights from other [core] solutions, so it's easy to make decisions and take action."

Rebecca Hayes
Boston Medical Center, Associate Chief Nursing Officer

Reduced First-Year Nurse Turnover by Almost 50%

“Laudio proved to be a time-saving solution, not just in terms of efficiency, but also in helping leaders prioritize interactions with their teams. The platform improved the effectiveness of our frontline leaders, helping us address employee burnout and dramatically reduce turnover of our first-year nurses.” 

Kelly Vaughn
Nebraska Medical Center, VP of Operations at

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