November 23, 2018 Webinar: What’s a Staff Relationship Management Platform?

As 2018 comes to a close and healthcare leadership defines its priorities for the coming year, workforce development is topping the list across all U.S. health systems. Issues including staff burnout, growing turnover rates, and employee disengagement are debilitating hospitals from both a patient care perspective as well as cost analysis. In summary, with unemployment rates at record lows, unhappy employees are simply moving on and costing your health system millions in replacement costs.

Laudio is helping address the issue at the root of the problem.

Our research has identified the relationship between the staff person and his or her manager is the pivotal factor that influences engagement, satisfaction and retention. And that relationship is built upon more frequent, timely and relevant interactions. Laudio facilitates those interactions using sophisticated A.I. technology and simplified outreach tools that equip managers with everything they need to be effective leaders among continually expanding teams.

Our platform is healthcare’s first Staff Relationship Management solution that digitizes over 60 manager workflows in one central location. No more multiple software logins. No more paper files and sticky notes. No more spreadsheets and manual manipulation of data. Laudio brings insights for every team member into one tool where managers log in every day to gain a real-time understanding of each staff member’s situation.

• Who has been floating for over 50% of her shifts?

• Who is due for a new-hire check in this week?

• Who celebrated a milestone anniversary?

• Who picked up two extra shifts to cover for a holiday?

• Who clocked in 15 minutes late more than 5 times this month?

• Who is working overtime over 25% of their shifts?

• Who is working shifts where they are the only experienced nurse?

• Who has more than three unscheduled absences?

These are just a sample of data-driven insights that Laudio generates and delivers to each manager with integrated tools to communicate with their staff. For managers, Laudio is the eyes and ears on the floor that makes them better managers. It builds stronger engagement and helps staff feel better supported on a daily basis, not just once a year during the annual evaluation.

And it works.

Results from our pilot study show that managers using Laudio experienced nearly 5% less turnover change among their teams compared to their peers not using Laudio.

And more importantly, managers are benefiting on a daily basis telling us:

  1. “I’m so happy Laudio made it to this level. It helps me a lot. For example, it told me 3 people on a shift stayed late. So I talked to them and heard that a code occurred. Then I was able to give them support which I wouldn’t have known to do otherwise.”
  2. “My favorite part is that it replaces paper files. Anything I get, I send to profile. Everything is in one place.”
  3. “Laudio is a way to make a meaningful connection when we’re all so busy. I can’t tell you how much of a response I always get for recognizing someone through Laudio.”

And leadership finds the value as well:

“Laudio gives our managers insights into their staff that previously took hours and days to manually uncover, plus the integrated tools to build meaningful relationships that lead to stronger employee engagement and retention.”

Join us on November 28th at 3pm ET for a live demo of Laudio presented by Mridul Ganesh our Chief Product Officer. Learn how a staff relationship management platform can transform leadership across your health system.

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