September 27, 2018 A Discussion with Dr. Ronald Riner

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On September 26th, Dr. Ronald Riner, President of The Riner Group and a leading voice on healthcare transformation, was a special guest in our monthly thought leadership webinar series. Before introducing Laudio’s new Staff Relationship Management (SRM) platform, Dr. Riner provided his in-depth perspective on health care technology and its implementation in health systems.

Recognizing that workforce development is becoming a top priority for hospital executives, he explained his support for a proven solution that would drive positive transformation and directly impact the bottom line. The presentation transitioned to co-presenter Tom Hills, SVP at Laudio who outlined Laudio’s technology designed to prevent staff burnout. To echo Dr. Riner’s point, Tom explained the 11:1 ROI that one academic health system is achieving by using Laudio; resulting in dozens of retained nurses and a cost savings of $1.6M annually.

Dr. Riner also provided five distinct recommendations for healthcare leaders to consider when they are evaluating innovation:

  1. Be Pragmatic
  2. Embrace and court outsiders
  3. Fight complacency
  4. Have meaningful purpose
  5. Engage younger colleagues and talent

Along with detailed discussion on each point, a theme he explored was that change for the sake of change can be too disruptive to an organization and can become a damaging distraction for the staff. According to Riner, “My experience has been if we can set things that we have to do in the proper context and talk about the why we are doing it in the future-forward sense, it energizes people.”

When asked by an attendee to name an emerging strategic initiative across health systems, Dr. Riner offered his perspective. “If there is a trend, it is going away from disruption and discontinuity, especially change for the sake of change,” said Riner. “Maybe the word should be we are looking for things that are enhancers or enablers to what clinicians have long taken pride and satisfaction in, which patients come to expect when they come to their care giver.”

To listen to the complete list of insights, visit our youtube channel for the full recording.

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