September 9, 2021 Retain Differently: Top Trends in Workforce Planning and Frontline Leadership

As a healthcare leader today, you know too well the unparalleled pressure and constant challenges that come with building, managing, engaging and retaining teams. With a more authentic, holistic approach, today’s leaders are overcoming these challenges while staying focused what really matters – supporting and uplifting our teams. Here are some best practices to consider – direct from Laudio members – leaders like you.


Work from home anyone? Investing in your teams’ wellbeing is crucial, now more than ever. Here are a few ways innovative leaders have shifted in response to COVID-19 to better support teams:

Reduce your leaders’ workload by leveraging technology to eliminate inefficient processes

Give your leaders flexibility. “One way we’ve done this is to allow our teams to work from home once a week to focus on strategic initiatives,” says Vaccaro.

“The reality is that supports their wellbeing. I’m a little old-school in terms of my thinking, how do you lead a team if you’re not on site?

But to think that they can work from home a couple of times a month is not necessarily letting go of their responsibilities. It’s allowing them to be more strategic. It’s investing in them, it’s supporting them. We have to start thinking about things differently and we already needed to do it before the pandemic.”


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