August 19, 2021 Engage Early and Meaningfully: Top Trends in Workforce Planning and Frontline Leadership

As a healthcare leader today, you know too well the unparalleled pressure and constant challenges that come with building, managing, engaging and retaining teams. With a more authentic, holistic approach, today’s leaders are overcoming these challenges while staying focused what really matters – supporting and uplifting our teams. Here are some best practices to consider – direct from Laudio members – leaders like you.


Vacarro says, “We’re looking to create a relationship with our team and create a meaningful experience and environment for them to work in.” Sign-on bonuses are great – but there are better ways to increase team engagement & retention.

  • Easily accessible debt consolidation and student debt management plans for all team members
  • Leverage technology to eliminate time-consuming tasks from your team’s already busy schedules
  • Focus first on building meaningful, authentic relationships with all team members

Laudio Tip: Not all Engagement is Equal

Laudio studies show that one additional meaningful interaction per team member per month reduces their chance of leaving the organization by 35%. While all interactions affect turnover, not all engagement is equal. The chart to the right demonstrates the impact that specific actions have on reducing turnover.

Change in likelihood of RN Turnover by Interaction Type

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