September 18, 2018 Webinar with Dr. Ronald Riner: Disruption or Distraction?


Wednesday, September 26th 2-2:30pm ET

According to a recent American Hospital Association survey of healthcare executives, one of the top six hospital priorities includes fostering innovation. Now consider that last year to fuel this innovation, digital health startups saw over $11.5 billion of capital poured into their businesses; a new annual record.

For hospital leadership, this burgeoning volume represents a daunting landscape of apps, solutions, platforms, and software all claiming to “disrupt” healthcare. But how does one organization identify heathIT that will actually solve its own unique challenges without distracting its team from the mission of delivering quality care?

Understanding these issues firsthand, Ronald N. Riner, MD, President of the Riner Group, has been working alongside hospital executives to combine clinical practice with business pragmatics. With his accomplishments in both medicine and business, he has become a trusted resource, advisor, and thought leader on emerging technology and its tenable applications in healthcare.

Join Dr. Riner for a 30-minute webinar to learn his view on healthcare disruption and his advice on how to navigate emerging innovation, including Laudio’s new machine learning/artificial intelligence technology developed to address workforce retention, “one of the most promising areas for innovation,” as published in Becker’s CFO Hospital Report.

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