April 30, 2020 Resiliency, Inspiration, Motivation – What’s Your One Word for Today?

I remember a cycle/yoga class at my gym where the instructor asked us to think of one positive word about ourselves. She said to focus on this word while we were doing sprints on the bike. What a great energy producer. I felt my energy level shift into high gear (just like the bike did) as I thought of this word (mine was “persistent”).  She reminded us to keep the word in mind during the toughest parts of the class.

After the cycling section, we moved next door for yoga. She asked us to keep the one word in mind during our practice there as well. Once again, I smiled and felt energized by the mere thought of the word. And I actually added a couple more words for good measure.

Here’s where this comes in for work. Right now, think of one word that is a positive description of you. 

Decide that for the rest of the day that will be your “theme” in how you interact with your work and others. Let’s say you picked “flexible” or “loving” or “funny”. In each interaction bring out your best self, using this word as your guide. 

The value comes in two ways. One, thinking of the word is an internal WOW because it makes you feel satisfied, energized & productive. Two, thinking of the word creates external WOWs for others as you “let your light shine”. 

Now, do this every time you go to work to set a positive intention for creating Professional Paradise™ for yourself and everyone around you. I can see the palm trees swaying in the breeze – haha. Have a great day!


About Vicki Hess

Vicki Hess, RN, MS, CSP, Top 5 Healthcare Speaker, and author, guides healthcare professionals who want to create an environment where employees are engaged, customers are happy, and goals are achieved. Ms. Hess works with organizations and associations to positively impact employee engagement through consulting and virtual & in-person workshops, retreats, and keynote presentations. Her unique views on employee engagement are evidence-based, relatable, and real world. 

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