August 19, 2019 Top 3 Insights From Chief Human Resources Officers

With a national nurse turnover rate exceeding 17%, staff retention continues to challenge nurse leadership. Fortunately, addressing the root cause of the problem is becoming a priority across health systems – a shared goal that spans leadership in Nursing as well as Human Resources.

In our latest webinar, Laudio previewed results from its newest research among Chief Human Resources Officers to understand their unique perspective on the issue. Distilled from hours of interviews, the three main themes were the topic of our discussion with Tom Hills – Laudio’s SVP who works directly with healthcare leadership in both the nursing and HR divisions.

Through a series of qualitative interview questions, we explored the priorities and demands of a healthcare human resources leader. The results validated what we had been learning in the field during technology implementations and also identified emerging initiatives and directives. The three themes included:

1.     Implementing Advanced HR Tools to Drive Process Improvement

2.     Operationalizing Best Practices to Empower Frontline Leadership

3.     Providing Real-time Feedback for Proactive Managing and Coaching

The webinar discussion highlighted quotes from the research and insights from HR leaders.

We learned, for example, how the HR business unit was being charged with solutions to drive care improvements. We heard how standardization and reducing variation, in addition to driving clinical improvements, were being applied to leadership initiatives.

And, we confirmed the transition from annual performance evaluations to more frequent and even real-time feedback loops to build personalized engagement between managers and their team members.

Click HERE and scroll to our webinar section to watch an on-demand recording of the presentation.

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