June 27, 2019 How does Meaningful Recognition Relate to Transformational Leadership?

Whether it’s an executive order from the president of the U.S. or a policy change from your primary care physician, healthcare improvement is part of an expanding national conversation. And arguably, impactful change will only be achieved through strong leadership at every level.

At our latest webinar “Transformational Leadership: The Power of Meaningful Recognition”, we welcomed special guest Cynthia Sweeney DNP, MSN, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, Vice President of Nursing at The DAISY Foundation™ for a unique perspective on nurse leadership and it’s sustainable impact on healthcare improvement.

Bringing a wealth of experience and a comprehensive review of academic literature on the topic, Cindy began by highlighting the 2018 research from Wei, Roberts, Strickler, & Webb Corbett about what being a transformational nurse leader requires, including:

  •  Facilitating social connections
  • Promoting positivity
  • Capitalizing on nurses’ strengths
  • Nurturing nurses’ growth
  • Encouraging nurses’ self‐care
  • Fostering mindfulness practice
  • Conveying altruism

Cindy also explained that providing meaningful recognition, as part of transformational leadership, is a key element in building a high-performing nursing unit. Laudio then explained how technology can facilitate meaningful recognition with timely, individualized data for each nurse on the manager’s team. Cindy cited Shaheen, Zeba, Mohanty, 2018, – “Nurses who are recognized and valued by their leader, they are empowered with purpose, they are more resilient, and enhance their performance with discretionary effort.”

The discussion dove deeper into the theme of “meaningful recognition” and showcased the work of The DAISY Foundation through its DAISY Award where nurse recognition has become operationalized in health systems across the U.S. and beyond. A celebration for nominees, their peers, and their leaders, the award process ensures that meaningful recognition becomes a continuous component of transformational leadership at the unit, facility, and system levels.

She also provided stories from nurse leaders, nominees, and award winners. “It is a reminder to me of why I’m here,” said one nurse leader. “When I hear the nomination stories, it makes me so proud and really connects me back to the staff.”

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