December 17, 2020 Announcing Laudio’s Strategic Advisory Committee

One of the exciting aspects of working in a fast-paced high-growth company is that there is daily innovation across all areas of the business. At Laudio we continually challenge ourselves to make sure that each functional area is iterating consistently. And, that the decisions we make are calibrated with the same set of goals in mind – enabling front line leaders to drive sustainable outcomes of high staff satisfaction and engagement that result in improved patient safety and quality of care.

These over-arching goals mean that it is imperative that the Laudio Executive team forge close relationships with top healthcare industry Thought Leaders. Individuals who can help us shape our vision by keeping us informed on both current and emerging trends, priorities, and changes in the dynamic landscape of health systems. The challenges the healthcare industry has faced over the past year due to COVID has impacted frontline workers and presented new hurdles for leaders seldom before encountered.  These challenges will have a ripple effect heading into 2021 and beyond. We will see the need for new operating models, processes, and technologies that frontline leaders will require to meet the increasing demands of their roles.

Because healthcare is such a dynamic market, Laudio has established a new Strategic Advisory Committee comprised of a diverse group of industry leaders. This committee will work closely with our leadership team to help inform our product roadmap, market messaging, and go-to-market initiatives. We are thrilled to announce and honored to have the following individuals on the Strategic Advisory Committee: Dan Gross, former System COO of Sharp Health, Mark Solazzo, COO of Northwell Health, Nancy Pratt, former Chief Quality Officer at Providence St Joes and now Senior VP at CliniComp, and Bill Spooner, former CIO of Sharp Health.

The vast and diverse nature of healthcare industry knowledge and experience these individuals have will play an important role in shaping our future. We will leverage their expertise combined with that of our client partners to ensure Laudio maintains our focus on solving the most pressing issues for frontline leaders and their teams.  We will accelerate our innovation and the development of new technologies that deliver progressive solutions for health systems.

While the future impact of COVID on the healthcare workforce remains largely unknown, I am confident that Laudio has assembled the right team. Together we will creatively navigate the coming months to deliver new solutions and create successful outcomes.


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