Retention Resiliency:
Three Health Systems’ Proactive Strategies

Nearly 50% of frontline employees are experiencing frequent feelings of burnout, according to the CDC.1 Unlocking new ways to engage, support, and retain staff naturally remains paramount to health systems nationwide. Hear how three leaders – Simmy King, Chief Nursing Informatics & Education Officer at Children’s National Hospital, Ingrid Jones, System Director, Culture, Engagement & Retention at UNC Health, and Kelly Vaughn, Chief Nursing Officer at Nebraska Medicine – have started to crack the code and are improving how their teams work together, and stay together.   

Simmy will share insights on building a cutting-edge “early warning system” for burnout with a data-driven approach; Ingrid will provide an overview of UNC Health’s UNC Health for Me initiative, which was integral to reducing their nurse turnover rate by 20% and saved the system $5.4M per year; and Kelly will cover how Nebraska Medicine’s leader-focused strategy reduced first-year nurse turnover by almost 50%. Attendees will walk away inspired with new ideas to address complex issues driving turnover. 

Watch this session to:

  • Explore trends affecting today’s frontline leaders and their teams – expanding spans of control, evolving workforce dynamics, and more
  • Discover new ways to get ahead of burnout, implement people-centric strategies, and leverage technology to drive engagement and retention
  • Gain proven strategies for bolstering leaders and reducing frontline turnover from other health systems 

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Simmy King, DNP, MBA, FAAN Chief Nursing Informatics and Education Officer, Children’s National Hospital

Kelly Vaughn Chief Nursing Officer, Nebraska Medicine

Ingrid Jones System Director, Culture, Engagement & Retention, UNC Health

Joel Ray, Col (Ret.) USAF NC, MSN , RN, NEA-BC Chief Clinical Advisor, Laudio; Former Chief Nursing Officer, UNC Rex Healthcare