Caring is Good Business - Using Tech to Facilitate High-Touch Employee Engagement

In a previous webinar, Caring is Good Business, published authors on the value and impact of Swanson's Caring Theory prompted viewers to explore the application of this theory in enhancing the employee experience. These experts provided fresh insights into establishing meaningful connections with employees through the five caring processes of knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief. This follow-on webinar demonstrates how health systems can use technology to improve engagement and well-being.

Watch to discover how technology can help you:
  • Demonstrate Knowing your employees through proactive and ongoing communication
  • Display Being With by identifying employees at risk for burnout and turnover
  • Convey Doing For by showing employees they can count on you to follow up on important issues outside their control
  • Demonstrate Enabling by supporting employees’ professional goals
  • Demonstrate Maintaining Belief through intentional appreciation and recognition for accomplishments and each employee's unique value

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