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Laudio & AONL Report

Following the formation of our partnership last year, Laudio and AONL have published our first joint report aimed at shaping the future of work in nursing and nursing leadership.

Leveraging our recently-launched Laudio Insights team, we’re collaborating to provide unique data and perspectives about the roles of today’s nurse managers, dynamics affecting their work, and ways health systems can best set them up for success.

Access the groundbreaking report “Quantifying Nurse Manager Impact” now available and attend our session on 4/10 (details below) to learn more! 


Breakout Session

Nurse Manager Impact: Measuring the Value of Human Interactions


This session will cover findings from a new report, Quantifying Nurse Manager Impact, providing new insights into the impact that managers’ interactions with their teams have on health systems' operational and financial outcomes (e.g., employee retention). It will also explore how key factors like span of control affect these outcomes and provide proven innovative approaches to foster impactful manager-team interactions.

Discover Laudio at AONL

Booth #1027

Join us at AONL and see the power of the Laudio platform firsthand at Booth #1027. Located at the heart of the conference center, our booth is conveniently positioned directly across from the AONL Booth.

Please email to schedule time with our team.


Connect with the Team

Tim Darling Co-founder & President, Laudio Insights

Joel Ray, USAF, NC, MSN, RN, NEA-BC Chief Clinical Advisor & Former CNO at UNC REX Healthcare

Emma Smith Chief Marketing Officer

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Tom Hills EVP, Client Engagement & Delivery

Anthony Woods Director, Client Engagement

Jess Beckwith Sr. Director, Client Engagement

Ashley Nyland Director, Growth Marketing

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Mike Vipond EVP, Sales

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Mike Earman Regional VP, Sales

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Kelly Marino Regional VP, Sales

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