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Better team-leader connections led UNC Health to a 20%+ reduction in nurse turnover rate

UNC Health faced the challenge of a 30% nurse turnover rate during the pandemic, prompting them to partner with Deloitte and deploy the Laudio platform to operationalize a new strategic approach. By empowering frontline leaders and implementing AI-driven operational enhancements, UNC Health successfully transformed workforce management, fostering a culture of care and recognition aligned with their workforce strategy for long-term sustainability.

Learn how this initiative resulted in:

  • A 20% decrease in nurse turnover rate
  • Annual savings of $5.4 million
  • 94% of frontline leaders enhancing capacity and effectiveness

"One of the most powerful levers in retention is the relationship between teams and their leaders. We wanted to support leaders and help them develop. Along with trying to identify the needs of our teammates, we also needed to recognize what they had gone through, throughout the pandemic and beyond. We understood that caring for our teammates was part of retaining them."